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Sleep is key to having a productive day at school, work or at the gym. It allows your worn down mind and body to be replenished, giving you the energy to face the world. Interestingly, the ideal bed for restful slumber often includes a plush mattress topp

At Volpes, we have a wide selection of toppers designed to make sleeping a much more pleasurable experience. Made from soft resilient fabrics, these products have a long lifespan and are a cinch to use. They fit easily over the mattress and can be removed whenever the need arises.

The benefits of having a mattress topper include:

  • Hygiene – Bulky mattresses are hard to clean and harbour bacteria, which are a result of the accumulation of the dirt released from our bodies while we sleep.  A topper is easy to remove and throw into a washing machine, making it a highly sanitary addition to the bedroom.


  • Comfort – Mattresses lose their suppleness over time and some are just plain uncomfortable from the very beginning. Adding a topper can increase the cosiness of your bed, as it has the right amount of cushioning. It also provides warmth, which is welcome in the colder seasons.


  • Economy – A topper is much more affordable than a new mattress. It can also be used to join two singles, which is useful when you have guests who are couples. Additionally, you can enjoy your bed for longer, which will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

The Number One Bed Linen Company

In addition to mattress toppers, we offer a variety of bedroom linen ranging from duvet cover sets and pillows to curtains. Take the time to browse our store and find other products you may want to purchase.

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