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Night frills have become essential pieces that add that final, elegant touch to the base of your mattress - essentially, they help you to achieve a sophisticated look that you would expect to find in luxury hotels and resorts. At Volpes, we have a collection that will help you to achieve this exact look in your very own bedroom and those of your loved ones.

Our night frill collection includes a wide range of colours so you can easily find what you desire. This also  means you can co-ordinate this essential base to your bedding with your sheets, duvets and comforters (also available from us). Why not go for a colour similar to that of your scatter cushions or window dressing to bring about some visual interest and balance in your room? If you prefer that things look as minimalistic as possible, you can also match the colour to the exact tone of the rest of your bedding so that it forms one cohesive, beautiful whole.

The sizes available include single, three-quarter, double, queen and king, which means you can get the ideal night frill regardless of the type of bed you have. You can make a selection from our night frills online and get ready to experience our promise of high quality along with a product you’ll love.

Whether you would like to hide the rudimentary apprearance of your mattress under an elegant cover, or want that final touch to help you co-ordinate all the parts of your soft furnishings into one seamless  unit of comfort and aesthetic bliss, get your night frills from Volpes today.
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