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Those wondering whether or not bed mattress protectors are truly necessary should not underestimate the merits of this superb product. Mattresses can get dirty easily, and while it is a tedious task to wash a mattress, washing a mattress protector is very simple. Not only do mattress protectors preserve the life of your mattress, but they provide you with an extra layer of comfort for a tranquil night of sleep.

Though the two should ideally be used together, there is a difference between mattress protectors and mattress toppers. Mattress toppers offer a soft layer of additional padding, so they are especially suited to a mattress that is a little too hard. Even a seemingly perfect mattress will give you a better night's sleep when you use a mattress topper as it will mould to the shape of your body and provide luxurious extra cushioning. Mattress toppers are also perfect for joining two single beds together. Mattress protectors, on the other hand, offer mattress protection. The ultimate combination is that of a mattress protector underneath a mattress topper.

Mattress Toppers
Volpes offers a range of fully elasticized mattress toppers and protectors, as well as pillow protectors to suit a wide variety of needs. The Volpes Foam Mattress Topper is constructed from a quilted top cotton layer and has a foam support underlay, while the Volpes Mattress Topper has a 100% cotton percale top with a fully elasticized poly-cotton skirt all around.

The Volpes luxury Feather Bed mattress topper allows you to experience the comfort and warmth of an old-style featherbed. It is stuffed with white duck down (10%) and duck feathers (90%), while its covering is made from 100% cotton ticking with a luxurious thread count of 230. A baffle-box construction with a 3.5cm gusset prevents the topper from shifting during use and ensures that you experience no cold spots while you sleep. This mattress topper is also fully elasticised and moisture absorbent.

Mattress Protectors
Volpes carries the Snug and Dry range of waterproof mattress protectors, manufactured from cotton-rich terry towelling with a soft and durable polyurethane coating. The elasticised skirt keeps the protector firmly in place all around the mattress. Polyurethane is comfortable, does not make a noise and also protects against dust mites. This waterproof mattress protector is machine washable and repels all liquids. It is the ideal protector for anyone that desires a healthy, stain and allergy free sleep zone.
The Volpes Quilted Mattress Protector is made from 50/50 poly-cotton with 80gsm polyester padding. It has a fully elasticised skirt that fits securely around your mattress and provides you with superior comfort. You may also opt for the Terry Towelling Mattress Protector which is a cotton-rich, elasticised and moisture absorbent mattress protector.

Our mattress toppers and protectors range in sizes from single to king, though the Featherbed Topper is also available in an extra length queen and king size. For added convenience, all of the mattress protectors and toppers from Volpes are machine washable.

The question is... 'Do I really need a Mattress Protector?' The answer is simple: 'Yes!'

A mattress can get dirty, it's tricky to wash a mattress... it's much easier washing a mattress protector! A mattress protector preserves the life of your mattress, while adding to a comfortable night's sleep.

Whether you like to lie in bed with a cup of coffee in the mornings before you get up, or have a toddler mastering his newly found skills, your mattress needs a protector to keep it from becoming stained or damaged.
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