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In addition to a wide range of duvet cover sets, Volpes can also provide you with stylish comforter sets. Available as plain, patterned or faux-silk, our comforters not only have a luxurious aesthetic, but are exceptionally comfortable.

Our comforter sets (or quilted bedcover sets) are beautifully stitched, high quality, superfine combed poly-cotton bedcovers with matching pillowcases. Comforter bed sets are generally filled with material such as polyester batting. The loft of the filling determines the weight as well as the insulation levels, while the stitching keeps the filling secured and evenly distributed throughout the comforter's lifespan.

These textured comforters are generally stitched with a diamond pattern, though they have a classic design in some cases. Apart from being functional, the stitching looks lovely on comforter bed sets. This is especially true of the diamond pattern configuration as it gives the comforter set a classic French quilt look that serves to enhance any bedroom.

We have comforter sets available in hues from our Colour Collection which includes white, cream, stone, ivory, cocoa, saffron, cherry, blush, teal and ocean blue. This means that you are afforded the opportunity to match your comforter with other linen you would like to purchase from Volpes, or even mix and match different shades of one colour, should you wish to do so.

If you are looking for kids' comforter sets, you are bound to be impressed by the lovely patterned sets we have available. Our collection certainly includes something for you, regardless of age or the bedroom décor you are trying to achieve. The sizes available from Volpes include single, three quarter, double, queen and king.

Rather than competing with each other, comforters and duvets work well together and complement each other. A comforter set can be used on top of the duvet cover, either to keep you warmer at night, or to add that final decorative touch to your bedroom. Whether your purposes are functional or decorative, with the wide range of comforter sets from Volpes, you are ensured that your bedroom will always look beautiful.
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