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When you get a pillowcase from Volpes, you are making a sound investment in terms of bed linen. With our many decades of experience as bed linen specialists, we bring you products that conform to high standards and that have all the qualities you desire,

A standard pillowcase, measures 45cm (width) by 71cm (length).  Volpes also offers specialised pillowcases for king sized beds that are slightly wider and significantly longer, measuring 50cm in width and 90cm in length.  Getting the right pillow for your mattress ensures that the pillows will cover the bed adequately from one end to the next, making for a comfortable night's rest - regardless of your movements during sleep.  Continental pillows are a must for every bed, these are the biggest sized pillows and pillowcases we have available at Volpes and they are used for more decorative purposes.

Within our range, we have pillowcases made from 100% cotton percale.  Percale basically refers to the fact that the pillowcase has a thread count of 200 or higher and is a sure mark of durability and quality.  With cotton as the material, you are ensured a breathable fabric which will provide you with comfort throughout the night.  This material feels soft and smooth against your skin, which is exactly what you need from bedding material.  It is also hypoallergenic and easy to care for.

While some prefer to stack their pillows under duvets, these simple, elegant pillowcases from Volpes will make your pillows look lovely stacked on top of your other bedding.  Their neutral hues provide you with the opportunity to layer different colours together, and you can also use them as a back drop for scatter cushions - resulting in some visual interest and a perfectly decorated appearance in your bedroom.

The fact that we have been in business for decades not only bears testament to the fact that we have a great selection of products, but also shows how we continue to respond to our customers' needs.  Quality could not come at a better price than that found at Volpes and we are so confident in your satisfaction that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  To  make our life even easier, we have made sure that you can conveniently purchase any pillowcase or any other complementary products you require online.

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