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Quality duvet sets keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, but the correct duvet inner ensures a good night's sleep through a feeling of luxury. It's important to remember that duvet inners are used for seven to eight hours each night, making it essential to buy the right one. There is, however, a lot more to choosing duvets and comforters than most people realise. It is a very individual choice and should be based on personal preference. When buying a duvet inner, the following should be considered:

* If you live in a warmer climate, or you get hot at night, then a lighter duvet inner is the obvious choice.
* If you are a person who feels the cold, then a more luxurious duvet set would be the answer for you.
* Children can be restless at night, so when buying a duvet for them, a lighter one will often give them a less restrictive and better night's sleep.
* For a spare room, an average quality duvet would be suitable, as it's not used all the time.
* Sharing a bed with someone who has different comfort requirements will always be a tricky problem to overcome (as when one is always cold and the other is always hot). In this case, a higher lofting duvet (commonly referred to as a 'fluffy duvet') should be chosen.
* The size of the bed matters. Although a single bed is often matched with single sized duvets and comforters, it's better to have a slightly larger duvet as the overhang allows more freedom of movement and always looks better.

The experts at Volpes are ready and qualified to assist you in identifying your specific requirements and matching them to the ideal duvet sets.
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