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A fitted sheet from Volpes is yet another way in which we ensure that you experience peaceful, luxurious nights of sleep, all while keeping your bedroom looking gorgeous. When the amount of time you spend sleeping throughout your life is taken into account, you quickly realise that it only makes sense to ensure that you feel nothing but the utmost in comfort every night.

With the great variety we have at hand, you are certain to find something in line with your unique personal preferences from Volpes. You can choose fitted sheets with a thread count of 144 from 16 different colours. Thread count simply refers to the amount of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch of the sheet fabric. A thread count that exceeds 100 is desirable as a higher thread count results in a sheet with a softer feel. With this in mind, you will be pleased to hear that (in addition to our 144 thread count fitted sheets) you may make a selection from our Cotton Percale range which has a thread count of 200 - giving you an even smoother, more luxurious feeling.

Our super fine combed poly-cotton fitted sheets are available in sizes ranging from single to king, with a standard depth of 28cm around the base. Moreover, because Volpes is your trusted linen specialist, we have increased our range to include extra length fitted sheets and extra depth fitted sheets to cater for extra long and extra thick mattresses. All our sizes offer an extra depth (37cm) alternative, while the double, queen and king sizes are offered in both extra length and extra depth.

Our fitted sheets are part of our Colour Collection and match perfectly with the other products in this range - allowing you to achieve a unified appearance. Our 100% Cotton Percale plain fitted sheets are white and cream, with availability in single, three quarter, double, queen and king sizes.

Browse the impeccable range from Volpes and choose your very own high quality fitted sheet today.
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