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At Volpes, we have a wide range of top quality items for your home, including bath mats. We believe that something as simple as a new rug for your bathroom floor can drastically change the appearance of the whole area. It’s easy to give your space a

Our range


We believe that stepping on a well-made rug can drastically improve your restroom experience. That’s why we offer bath mats that are made from extremely comfortable textures, and come in various styles and shades, including:



Not only do these look great, they’re also designed to be extremely useful in your bathroom, and include benefits such as:


  • Comfortable textures – Nobody wants to step from a warm bath or shower on to a cold surface. Made of 100% cotton, these thick, luxurious rugs are a pleasure to walk on and they leave your feet feeling dry and fresh.  
  • Non-slip technology – The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in your house, but a good bath mat can prevent unfortunate accidents. You can rest assured that your family won’t injure themselves by sliding around on a wet floor.   
  • Exceptional absorbency –Thanks to us, neither you nor your house guests will have to worry about a wet floor due to the sponge like properties of our mats. What’s more, these safe and beautiful accessories eliminate the risk of damp or mould.


Keeping up With the Trends


Our experts have chosen tasteful trimmings for your home. That puts us ahead of the curve when it comes to having the most stylish bath mats in South Africa. A brief look at our selection shows you an ideal mix of colours and patterns that help you to choose the bathroom accessories that suit your space.   


Volpes prides itself on bringing our customers top quality, stylish decor items, that’s why we have a vast range of bath mats and other brilliant products available. We invite you browse through our selection and find the most complimentary fit for your home.

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