An easy formula for buying scatters


Volpes has just added a brand-new collection of bright and colourful scatters to their collection: everything from plain to patterned, floral to striped to spruce up your home. And just in time for summer. Stacey Nel, Marketing Manager for local linen company, Volpes, gives tips on how to incorporate scatters into your home. She believes that you should adopt the 5 Ws and 1H approach.

Why use scatter cushions? 

Scatter cushions add style, comfort and colour to your home in an instant. They are a quick-fix that add the wow-factor to your décor without breaking the bank, and an easy way to incorporate new trends.

When to change scatter cushions?

It is best to change up your scatter cushions twice a year… or even every season. This way, you can effortlessly bring in décor trends – and just by moving your scatters into different rooms can change the look of your home completely.

Where to place scatter cushions?

Don’t forget about scatter cushions for benches and couches on your outside patio, which will be a hub of activity during summer braais and swimming season. This will allow you to extend your living area and inject some personality into the space. A funky stripe, bold colour or something botanical or nature inspired works a treat here.

What shaped scatters are best to use?

Think about where your scatter cushions will be placed. If they are on a couch, then a mix of shapes is best as everyone can choose their ideal comfort level. Remember that shapes such as rectangular and square can emphasise a modern look, whereas round works better for a casual country look. 

Who chooses the scatters?

Like all accessories, scatter cushions allow for an easy transition from one time in your life to another. Allowing your kids to choose their own scatter cushions for their room is a lovely way to get them involved in home décor − and if the rest of the room is a neutral palette, if they are into bunnies and birds now, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to change the look to something more adult, like a damask print, in a few years’ time.

How to layer scatter cushions?

No matter where your scatters will be placed, make sure you choose three different designs. Always have a plain scatter, which anchors the look, a simple striped scatter and for the final scatter, choose something bold and exciting like a pattern or floral print to add interest. Finish off the look with a gorgeous throw for some texture.