Beat the heat with blockout curtains



During the warmer summer seasons, heat enters your home through windows and this can result in your rooms becoming hot and uncomfortable, it can also cause unnecessary damage to your curtains and furniture. Blockout Curtains are a must-have solution to keep your rooms cool and protected so you can enjoy the hot summer months.

Blockout curtains are specifically designed with three layers of coating. These layers ensure that the curtain blocks out most light and assist in regulating temperature and eliminating noise levels. The layers also ensure that rooms stay cool by keeping out the heat, allowing the average temperature of your room to stay cool. Blockout curtains also keep the room darker for longer allowing you to enjoy a lie in on the weekends.


Here are three clever ways to dress your windows with these essential summer items:

1. Blockout Lining

If you love your curtains and your look, this amazing product, available only in white, hooks easily onto the back of your existing curtains. They can also be attached to a separate track. They have the same benefits as blockout curtains without changing the look of your room.


Blockout Lining     


2. Blockout And Sheer Curtains

This is a great way to make a blockout curtain part of your design. Add a beautiful sheer on top of a blockout for a modern update or place a blockout behind the sheer for a more traditional setting. Both ways allow your windows to let in light and keeps the romantic airy feeling of sheer curtains, with the added privacy. It also allows you have them dark when necessary.


Blockout and sheers     


3. Blockout Curtains 

There are so many beautiful options in blockout curtains available these days that can simply make a statement in your window. Choose from simple plains or elegant textures and striking prints to suit your own personal style.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Blockout Curtains