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  1. Plain Night Frill Stone
    Plain Night Frill Stone
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Night Frills

A night frill can help to complete the look of your room and finish off your bed.

What is a night frill?

A night frill is a piece of peated fabric that is added to the bottom of a bed, placed between the mattress and mattress base. The purpose of this piece of bed linen is to make the bed look more stylish while hiding the sides of the mattress base or any space under the bed that may be used for storage. Basically it allows you to cover up the bottom of your bed so it looks more pleasing.

Night frills are also referred to as bed skirts and valances, and rather than an old fashioned ruffle, these days the are much more smooth and tailored. They usually featuring a single pleat down the centre panel of the skirt and a pleat on each corner, or even just corner pleats.

Why use a night frill?

People use night frills to conceal their mattress bases or bedframe. If your bed is on an ugly bedframe or you don’t like the look of your steel or pine bed legs, a night frill can cover up anything you find unsightly. If you have storage space underneath your bed, but would prefer not to see the stored items, it will also help with concealment.

A night frill or bed skirt can also be used to block the accumulation of dust. It can stop dust from gathering under your bed if it stretches right to the floor. This can be particularly helpful if you have a tiled floor and find dust accumulates underneath your bed where it’s hard to clean.

Where can I find a night frill near me?

If you’re looking for a night frill for your bed, visit Volpes to see our range of bed skirts in various colours. We also stock base covers which provide a similar function.

In fact, Volpes stock sheets, pillows, duvets and duvet covers – everything you may need to create a welcoming and comfortable bedroom space. Browse our range online or visit a Volpes store near you.