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  1. Cotton Percale Flat Sheet Natural
    Cotton Percale Flat Sheet Natural
  2. Cotton Percale Pillowcase Natural
    Cotton Percale Pillowcase Natural
  3. Plain Comforter Set Eggshell
    Plain Comforter Set Eggshell
    from R599.00
    Save: 25%
  4. Plain Night Frill Eggshell
    Plain Night Frill Eggshell
  5. Plain Fitted Sheet Eggshell
    Plain Fitted Sheet Eggshell
  6. Plain Flat Sheet Eggshell
    Plain Flat Sheet Eggshell
  7. Bamboo Pillow Protector Standard
    Bamboo Pillow Protector Standard
  8. Bamboo Mattress Protector White
    Bamboo Mattress Protector White
  9. Lola Quilt Set Duck Egg
    Lola Quilt Set Duck Egg
    Save: 30%
  10. Faux Suede Base Cover Rose
    Faux Suede Base Cover Rose
    from R199.00
    Save: 25%
  11. Lucinda Quilt Set Blue
    Lucinda Quilt Set Blue
    from R1,099.00
    Save: 30%
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Luxury Bed Linen

There’s nothing quite like hopping into a warm, comfortable bed that’s been fitted with luxurious bed linen.

Clean sheets, a comfy duvet and a soft pillow will contribute to you getting a fantastic night’s sleep. And when you consider that we spend one third of our life in bed, it really makes sense to make it a pleasant and restful place to be.

How do you put together the perfect bed?

The first step is to protect your mattress. A mattress protector is not just there to protect your mattress from spills and accidents. It also keeps dust mites at bay and keeps dust, skin cells and more from affecting your mattress. Remember – a mattress protector can simply be thrown into the washing machine to clean, while you can’t do the same with your mattress.

Next up, consider adding a mattress topper, which can add an additional layer of softness to your mattress.

You’ll want fitted sheets to go over your mattress and a flat sheet to go on top. When selecting sheets, the thread count of the fabric can help to give you an indication of quality. The higher the thread count, the better. The type of fabric is also important. Some of the most luxurious sheets are made using Egyptian cotton, which is softer, finer and lasts longer than other cotton. A brushed cotton is a good choice for winter bedding because it’s warmer than normal sheeting.

After sheeting, you should select a duvet, quilt or comforter to go over the top of your bed to complete the bedding look. A quilt offers a more traditional look, featuring a patchwork design. A duvet is normally filled with duck down, feathers, or a synthetic microfiber filling. As you can add a duvet cover over your duvet inner, you can quickly and easily change the look of your duvet, without having to wash the whole thing.

Finally, top it all off with a pillow. Pillows are normally filled with microfibre, feathers or duck down, although memory foam pillows are also an option. While some people prefer more support in a pillow, many prefer a pillow that’s soft and light. To look after your pillow, make sure you get a pillow protector. This will ensure that sweat, dust, makeup and skin cells don’t sink into the middle of your pillow. Some pillows are machine washable, which can help you ensure your pillow stays clean. Your pillow cover should match your bedding in colour and style.

Bedding sets

Volpes offer a number of bedding sets including duvet cover sets, quilt sets and comforter sets. These sets normally include matching pillow covers to complement your look. Browse our full range of bedding sets to find a look to complement your style.

Quality comes standard at Volpes 

Volpes are known for their wide range of beautiful sheets, duvet covers, pillows and quilts. We offer high-quality bed linen at prices you can afford. We’re bedding specialists in South Africa and stock a wide range of beautiful items. Buy online or visit one of our stores today.