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Curtain Accessories

Hanging curtains in your home can be tricky. But with the right accessories, and a little bit of elbow grease, anyone can hang a new curtain rod or rail in their home.
Correctly installed, curtains can make a big impact, adding colour, pattern and texture to your room, and blocking out unwanted light. With clever placement, curtains can even make your windows look bigger.
To hang curtains in your home you will need a range of curtain accessories and curtain hooks.
Rods and rails need to be mounted to the wall to hang the curtains from. If you install a curtain rail, you will need curtain hooks to attach the curtains to the rail.

Deciding which accessories you need.

Curtain hooks

When using curtains that have a tape top, you need to add curtain hooks to the curtains so they can be placed on the rail. The hooks are simply slipped into the tape at the top of the curtain and then threaded through the gliders on the curtain rail. Both curtain hooks and glider c-track accessories can be bought at Volpes.

Who supplies the best curtain hooks?

Volpes stock a range of curtain accessories including hooks and glider c-tracks. Buy online or visit a Volpes store.