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  1. Ebony Curtain Nude
    Ebony Curtain Nude
  2. Plain Curtain Eggshell
    Plain Curtain Eggshell
  3. Blockout Curtain White
    Blockout Curtain White
  4. Ibiza Curtain Grey
    Ibiza Curtain Grey
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  5. Sarah Curtain Duck Egg
    Sarah Curtain Duck Egg
  6. Plain Curtain White
    Plain Curtain White
  7. Plain Curtain Teal
    Plain Curtain Teal
  8. Plain Curtain Stone
    Plain Curtain Stone
  9. Plain Curtain Navy
    Plain Curtain Navy
  10. Plain Curtain Grey
    Plain Curtain Grey
  11. Oakland Curtain Natural
    Oakland Curtain Natural
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No matter what your design style is, curtains are one of the most important items that are not only practical but can create a huge statement in your home and they complete the overall design of your bedrooms, living and dining rooms.

Not only can curtains make a room look good, they can improve the whole mood and aesthetic of your space and can even make a room look bright and airy or cosy and inviting and could even make a room seem taller, wider and bigger.
Every room in your home will benefit from the addition of high quality curtains. Bedroom curtains help to keep the morning light out of your room, providing a comfortable sleeping environment, lounge curtains can create a cosy atmosphere and help to protect furniture from harsh sunlight. Kitchen curtains can help to provide privacy and block out unsightly views.

How should you choose curtains for a living room or bedroom?

Choosing the right fabrication is very important when selecting curtains. Sheer curtains let in loads of light while still keeping your room private. Despite being unlined and unobtrusive, sheer or voile curtains can really add that light and airy finishing touch to any window. Sheers can also be layered with a blockout, patterned and textured curtain.
For warm, bright and sunny rooms choose a blockout curtain that will keep helps to keep out most light, helps to reduce noise ad regulate room temperature buy keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter and even help to protect your furniture from sun damage. If you are looking for a great value simple curtain our plain curtains are a great choice and work well in kids rooms and where simplicity is required.
When selecting a curtain colour, remember that neutral colours like creams, whites and greys work well in almost any room setting. A bold-coloured curtain could limit other décor choices in the room, so consider using your curtains to create a neutral backdrop and rather add colour in your accessories and accent pieces.
If you want your curtains to make a statement or add some colour, consider curtains that include patterns and textures. Where possible, install our curtain rod higher than your window. This will help to make a window look bigger. You should also extend the curtain rail beyond the frame of the window, so that when your curtains are fully open, you are not restricting the light coming in from your windows. This can also help your windows to look wider. As a rule of thumb, curtains should just touch the floor, or rest a centimetre or two above it.

Who sells curtains near me?

We stock South Africa’s largest range of ready-made curtains. Volpes offer a wide range of curtains in airy sheers, essential blockouts and stunning statement curtains in simple plains, elegant textures or stylish patterns. We pride ourselves on quality and variety. Visit us in any Volpes store or shop online today. Our range of a high quality extra-wide curtains for sale are all proudly locally made in our factory, based in Port Elizabeth. Most of our ready to hang curtain ranges are available in standard length, extra length, taped and eyelet styles.

Shop online now: http://bit.ly/2IalA0O