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  1. Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set Rose
    Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set Rose
  2. Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set Natural
    Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set Natural
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Washed Cotton

Washed cotton bedding features a soft linen-like feel and a gentle creased look that will make you want to hop right into bed. There’s no double that washed cotton duvet cover are soft and incredibly comfortable, but you’ll also be happy to hear that they are very durable and make the perfect everyday bedding.
Fully embrace the casual yet comfortable look by pairing your washed cotton duvet with matching washed cotton sheets.

What is washed cotton sheets and duvet covers?

Washed cotton is cotton fabric that has been treated with an enzyme wash to give it a softer feel and a slightly wrinkled look. These duvets are ideal for people who don’t want to waste time ironing – the gentle creases are meant to be there, meaning you don’t have to iron this linen. Simply throw it in the washing machine, line dry or put it in the tumble dryer, and then put it straight back onto the bed.
Washed cotton linen has a distinctive lived-in look, and the creased appearance gives it a casual yet comfortable vibe.

Where to buy washed cotton duvet sets

If you’re looking for washed cotton duvet cover sets, consider Volpes, the home of linen. Volpes stock a range of beautiful bedding that are available instore or online