Faux fur - A great decor trend


Faux fur is a hot interior design trend that has stood the test of time and is an effective way to add rich texture, comfort and a touch of opulence to any space. 

Faux furs come in many different textures and colours and the wonderful benefit of this fabrication is that almost all of them work with any colour scheme or design style. Because of its uniqueness it will be sure to be the prominent accessory in the room.  

With a little faux fur in the right places, it’s easy to make your home feel luxurious, here a few simple ways to incorporate it into your décor.  

For an update that does not require you to change your whole look, add a scatter on a

  couch or chair. For an added effect offset it with a plain cushion in a similar colour pallet. 

To create a super luxurious vibe in your living room, drape a faux fur throw over an

   armchair or corner of a couch.  

If you’re a modernist with a home that is dominated by clean lines and sharp angles,

  a faux fur throw and one or two scatters will add an interesting texture and a soft touch

  without changing the overall aesthetic. 

Do you work from home or have a home office? Add some glamour and a little fun

  with faux fur scatters.  

Lay a faux fur throw at the bottom of your bed, not only will you instantly glamorise

  your room but you’ll have that extra warmth to escape those cold winter days and nights. 

For real drama combine fur with other cotton, linen or velvet bedding and accessories -

   If you want a trendy, moody atmosphere, keep your colours in a monochrome palette.

  To create a more eclectic look with lots of visual impact, mix up your colours and textures. 

Limit the number of faux fur pieces you have in one room to get the best looking result,

   remember less is more!