Floral décor trend


There has always been an aesthetic connection between fashion and interior design and over the last few years this has been evident in how they have embraced the floral trend, and we aren’t talking about the florals of yester year, but new beautiful designs in a myriad of colours, patterns, prints and styles. 

This everlasting source of inspiration has been seen in homes around the globe and showcased in  a number of ways, from accessories, bedroom linen, dramatic wallpapers, curtains to even fun and interesting furniture pieces. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and when it comes to incorporating florals, the options are endless, from subtle classic prints in pretty colours to the larger, brighter and bolder florals that really make a statement.  

Always remember that you should only have one modern floral statement piece - the bed, curtains or accessories - and those of you who are truly brave - the walls! 


Your bed is the perfect place to start by making it the statement piece by adding a floral duvet cover set or quilt.  Coordinate the rest of your linen with plain matching colours and even create a monotone feel by matching your linen with the key colour in your floral.  You can also pop the design with a bolder more contrasting colour for a more dramatic impact.  

Dress your bed in such a way that the plain colours are visible by folding the duvet down to reveal the fitted or flat sheets underneath and mixing plain pillows in with the printed ones too.  


A floral curtain is the perfect way to add interest in a neutral setting, whether it’s in a bedroom, dining room or lounge.  Not only do they work with classic décor but can be styled on their own in a clean modern setting that will work wonderfully for visual impact. 




There is no better way to experiment with florals than with a scatter cushion or two.  Scatters give you the ability to combine different trends and looks without costing a fortune. You can start small by adding one accent cushion and then when you have the feel and look you want you can explode the style with added colours and matching designs. Don’t be afraid to mix florals with stripes and other textures too. There are so many scatter styles to chose from that you are certain to find the right colours and designs to suit your specific style.