Trends for your bedroom in 2019

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and your décor should evoke a sense of happiness, calm and relaxation.  Here are some of the top décor trends of 2019 for you to incorporate in your bedroom (and entire home) in the year to come…



This trend continues to be popular and works particularly well in small spaces. Decluttering surfaces and getting rid of oversized (or excess) furniture will make the space look even bigger, so if you’re all about mementos that you’ve collected, then this look is not for you. In bedrooms, steer clear of excess chairs and ‘fussy’ headboards or pedestals and choose a monochrome colour palette for  the bed as a focal point and to emphasise the calming aspect of this design style.



We are not perfect – so why should I homes be. This look is a different take on minamilism taking it one step further by being proud of a little imperfection, authentic materials and a lived- in feeling.  The look is influenced by Japandi,  a hybrid of Japanese minimalism and the modern-rustic essence of Scandinavian style. The décor focus here is on functionality with just a few imperfect statement pieces in a particular space. Aesthetics is as important as practicality, with simple accessories such as rugs and plants to tie the look together. In bedrooms, choose washed cotton sheets and duvets, blankets with texture, ombre designs to create depth and a cosy feel within this lived in look.




As we spend more and more time looking at screens and feeling more disconnected from nature, an increasing number of people want their home to be filled with products made from natural, ethical and sustainable materials. This is particularly true for bedrooms when trying to create a sanctuary that you can escape to. Expect to see aspirational images with natural elements and celebrations of the natural world brought into interiors. An easy way to do this is to choose a few pieces of natural wood furniture and accessories to help bring the outside in, such as a pedestal, simple stool, mirrors or even picture frames, not forgetting real plants to bring it all together.



Natural prints and textures, as well as greenery, continues to dominate in décor in 2019. But it is about incorporating natural elements into your design, instead of going for an overly themed look, that will date fast. Rather think plants, animals, birds and flowers in subtle nature-inspired prints that can easily be incorporated on duvet covers, quilts and accessories. Choose prints in muted natural blends in earth tones and for the more adventuourious try a bolder pallet that incorporates richer terracotta, jewel green and rich blues to off set the earth like pallet.  Then add raw materials such as stone, copper, concrete and granite and natural fabrics such as cotton and for bedrooms in particular, wooden and woven furniture is a must.



Handmade items help to add character to a space, as often these pieces are a once-off and bespoke items, particularly when it comes to furniture. However,  just one or two smaller objects such as prints with sketches and watercolours can also do the trick. When it comes to bedding and linen, choose designs that resemble a home and add appeal such as knitted throws, modern  patchwork quilts that compliment this theme as well as textured curtains and a tufted rugs that are perfect for the colder months.



Deep, rich jewel tones, such as bold indigo, hunter and emerald green and dark teals and blues  are a great way to create drama (on a feature wall or throughout an entire space). Bold colour choices for your bedroom can be daunting but easily incorporated by opting for colour on the walls with crisp white linen or alternatively white walls and dramatic linen designs. For those who are not afraid to go bold, try a monotone palatte where walls and linen match each other with only small pops of contrasting or matching colours.  Take the look one step further by adding metallic elements for a glamourous luxe look.



As much as bold colour choices makes an impact, white can have a similar effect. An all-white bedroom is clean, fresh, elegant and always classic. The trick to create a sense of warmth in what could be a stark looking room is to mix textures across all elements of the room. Choose a tufted rug to effset a smooth crip bed, layered with a knitted throw or Sherpa blanket and finish the look with textured scatter. If all white is not for you, then accent the look  with natural wooden pieces like headboards, pedestals and accessories.  A wooden floor will also help you achieve the cosy harmony of an almost white bedroom.



This trend celebrates globally-inspired patterns and prints that are all about eclecticism. It is a fusion of decorative motifs,  paisleys and designs influenced from intricate Indian and African prints, which all work wonderfully on scatter cushions, quilts and duvet covers. Whether incorporated in muted neutral tones or bolder colours there is no doubt that the combination of prints are the focus of this look.



Luxe never goes out of style and in the interiors space, this means fabrics and furniture pieces with a touch of decadence. This includes statement minimalist lighting, luxury materials such as brass, marble velvet and faux furs to create gorgeous decorative details. In terms of a colour palette, anything can have a luxe spin from neurtrals, to blue and pink palletes and of course anything with dark colours that really make a statement with bit of bling!