Hotel at home


                                                                                                                HOTEL AT HOME

We all love the feeling of being indulged and a little spoiled and there really is nothing better than a hotel suite with a bed that simply exudes luxury style and elegance.  The good news is that we don’t need to leave home to achieve this 5-star look and can have a bedroom sanctuary at home that radiates this pristine, stylish and luxurious appearance and of course a few splashes of your own charm and personality. The experts at Volpes have compiled three simple ways to dress your bed ‘hotel style’.

1. Printed Effects  


For a printed effect a modern geometric print works very well on the bed. We chose the Axel printed comforter set with an updated chevron design. Combined with bold charcoal and white sheeting it all really make this room pop. Instead of using the printed comforter set as the main bedding, we inserted an additional duvet inner and folded it across the middle of the bed to make a bold statement. Most hotel rooms are neat and symmetrical, so we placed the matching printed pillowcases upfront and evenly on the bed. The bed is dressed in pure white cotton sheets, duvet cover set and pillows. 

The Furniture: This room goes well with matching pedestals, in this image we used pedastals from Coricraft and a headboard from Volpes. 

Accessories: keep your bed clean and uncluttered and allow the print to be the hero. Use two statement bedside lamps on the pedestals and keep the surfaces clutter free. 

Décor tip:  Ensure that the wall behind your bed makes a statement by painting it in a bold colour or eye-catching wall paper, however, the look is just as effective with neutral colours and wall panelling. 

2. Colour Block 



For this look, choose your favourite colour to be the focal point. By combining solid colours together you can make a very elegant statement. We chose a trendy grey duvet cover set with white to build the final look.

The Furniture: For this room we chose lamp tables rather than a traditional pedestal for something different.

Accessories: Gold lamps and oversized white vases with large cuttings of greenery create a simple yet very stylish look 

Décor tip: If you’re adventurous paint your room to match the colour of the hero duvet set. We used grey curtains to match the linen. Subtle lighting on the pedestals will really give this room a romantic ambiance. 

3. Five Star Luxury 



For an opulent and luxurious look nothing beats the sheer elegance of all white linens.  Luxury pure cotton 200, 300 and 600 thread counts will enhance the 5-star feeling, but if you are on a budget or need a more hard-working fabric, the same effect can easily be created with a 144 polycotton duvet cover set. 

The Furniture: A solid heavy looking pedestal is essential with a fabric headboard is essential to build this look. Add metallic lamps and greenery and a touch of your personality with a favourite photo in a stylish frame on each side of the bed. 

Accessories: A textured luxurious throw folded neatly at the foot of the bed adds the final touch along with velvet textured headboard that we placed behind the pillows and scatters. Symmetrical pictures in black and white will round up the look. 

Décor tip: Dark moody walls will really give you the look of a luxury hotel.