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The bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to refresh. A new set of bed linen and a good tidy up can work wonders, instantly revitalising the look and feel. Our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes and should give you comfort, provide a sanctuary where you can get away from it all, and above all, be a place where you can express your personal style.

Luxury Bed Linen for Sale

Bed linen is the first step in any bedroom makeover. There is nothing quite as comfortable as a bed dressed in luxurious bedding. Crisp sheets, a comfy duvet inner and soft pillows will contribute to your best night's rest. Volpes offers pillows and duvet inners for every season and personal preference. Our sheeting and duvet cover set range includes luxury 600 thread count cotton, 300 thread count Egyptian Cotton, vintage washed Cotton, 200 thread count cotton percale and easy-care 144 thread count polycotton. All our bed linen carries our stamp of approval, and we thrive to provide quality, durable pieces that will last you for years to come if taken care of in the proper manner. Protect your pillow and mattress with our range of quilted, waterproof or bamboo protectors while adding an extra layer of comfort. For the finishing touches to showcase your personality, look at adding a quilt set, throws, blankets or scatter cushions, or maybe even a new area rug.

How do you put together the perfect bed?

The first step is to protect your mattress. A mattress protector is not just there to protect your mattress from spills and accidents. It also keeps dust mites at bay and keeps dust, skin cells and more from affecting your mattress. Remember, a mattress protector can simply be thrown into the washing machine to clean, while you can't do the same with your mattress. Consider adding a mattress topper, which can add an additional layer of softness to your mattress.

Start layering your bed linen - You'll want a fitted sheet to go over your mattress topper or mattress protector. Add a flat sheet next, as this is not only a cool option for hot summer nights, it is also a time-saver, especially for a spare room. You might have guests for one night only, and then you don't need to wash the duvet cover set as well, but rather only the sheets and pillowcases. When selecting sheets, the thread count of the fabric can help give you an indication of quality. The higher the thread count, the better. The type of fabric is also important. Some of the most luxurious sheets are made using Egyptian Cotton, which is softer, finer and lasts longer than other Cotton. For kids' bedrooms, where colour and theme might change more often, opt for durable 144 thread count polycotton. For winter re-do's, brushed Cotton is a good choice, as it is warmer than normal sheeting, and it takes away that icy feel when getting into bed at first!

A quilt offers a more traditional look and is good for warmer months, where a duvet set provides you with flexibility, depending on the inner - duck down, feathers, or luxury microfiber filling – whichever you choose, to your unique requirements. The style, pattern and colour of the duvet cover are where the ultimate choice comes in – choose something that you could live with for years. 

When choosing a comforter, whether for decorative purposes or for practicality, always opt to use this with a flat sheet, as this will prolong the lifespan of your comforter, and avoid washing it weekly.

The very last item to go on the bed, and almost the most important, will be the pillows. Pillows are normally filled with luxury microfibre, feathers, down or memory foam. While some people prefer more support in a pillow, many prefer a pillow that's soft and light. Add an additional protective layer with a pillow protector that will ensure longevity for your pillows.   

Quality comes standard at Volpes 

Volpes is known for its wide range of bed linen beautiful sheets, duvet covers, pillows, inners and quilts. We offer high-quality bed linen at prices you can afford.