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Pillow Inners

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Pillow Inners


Good Quality, Comfortable pillows are the foundation of a good night's sleep; at Volpes, the best place to buy white pillows, we offer a range of white pillows online and in store. Our comfortable pillows come in two types of fills: natural pillow fill and synthetic pillow fill, both fills are best for the perfect nights rest. Our white pillow selection will suit your personal comfort style, ranging from quality luxury microfibre pillows to luxury feather pillows, as well as memory foam pillow. Our pillows are available in various sizes, including standard size pillows, king size pillows , continental size pillows, emperor size pillow, as well as the popular body size pillow. In Addition to the pillow sizes, Volpes also offers pillows with different comfort levels, such as Soft pillow, Medium pillows and Firm Pillows.

Which pillows are best for sleep?

How often do you think about what pillows are best to sleep on? When trying to improve sleep quality, many people first consider their mattress and perhaps their duvet inner while not considering which pillow inner are comfortable pillows. When choosing the right pillow inner it is important to consider factors such as pillows that are best suited to support both your head and neck, the time of the year, sleeping preferences and even health related factors should be also taken into consideration.

The importance of a comfortable pillow

Comfortable pillows can make a huge difference to sleep quality. However, not everyone will benefit from the same kind of sleep pillow. When you buy pillows, one must keep in mind how the white pillow contributes to your sleeping posture. If your neck does not get proper support from your sleep pillow during the night, you could wake up feeling stiff and sore. The best pillow not only feels comfortable but also supports your head, neck, and shoulders. Another way one can ensure they are comfortable when choosing the right pillow inner, is by considering seasonal changes, At Volpes, we recommend lightweight pillow inners for warmer seasons and for the colder seasons, we recommend our luxurious feather pillow inners.

Are your pillows worn out?

Laying your head down at night should be something you look forward to after a long day, which is why at Volpes, we recommend, you should replace your pillow every 2-3 years. If your pillows are discoloured and starting to get worn out, you may find yourself scrunching and folding it at night to try to make it more of a comfortable pillow. If you feel your pillow is flat and no longer offers the right amount of support for your head and neck, it's time to get a new sleep pillow. A simple test to see how much life is still left in your sleep pillow, is to fold it in half and put it down on your bed. If your pillow springs back to its original shape by itself, your pillow is still a comfortable pillow. If your pillow is still a comfortable pillow, the fibres inside the pillow should assist the pillows keep their shape. The best pillow and higher quality white pillows will last longer than inexpensive ones.

Choosing the best pillow for you

At Volpes, our range of pillows vary in both feel and shape, ranging from soft and medium, to firm so that you can find the right pillow to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing sleep, every night. From soft pillows, medium pillows and firm pillows, here are some tips for picking the right sleep pillow that is right for you:

Which Pillow keep their shape - Fill

Down pillows full of luxurious duck and goose feathers are ideal pillows for during the Winter seasons. Feather pillows are soft, lightweight, firm and structured and are normally used pillow fills because they are strong and can spring back when under pressure. Down pillows are soft, natural, lightweight and insulating and are available in both goose and duck down. You can choose a pure down pillow or a feather pillow that's a mix between feathers and down. The mix of feathers and down pillow allows you to get the luxurious softness of down at an affordable price. Another option of a pillow fill is a synthetic fill, like hollowfibre and microfibre. Synthetic pillows are a less expensive option than down feather pillow options and they are also hypoallergenic therefore they are good for those who have down allergies. A synthetic pillow option can flatten over time, therefore it is advisable to replace the synthetic sleep pillow when the fill no longer keeps their shape. The best place to buy pillows South Africa, is Volpes. Our sleep pillows consist of a very wide range of white pillow options with different sleep pillow fillings to choose from as well as different levels of firmness. At Volpes we offer the best pillows South Africa online, as well as in store.

Levels of Support for White Pillows

Supportive and comfortable pillows are another important consideration for your body shape and size, your personal preference and, most critically, the position you sleep in when deciding on a sleep pillow. You should try to find the right support for the type of sleeper you are:

  • We typically recommend a firm pillow for side sleepers as they offer the most support in this position.
  • We typically recommend a soft pillow for stomach sleepers.
  • We typically recommend a medium – firm pillow for back sleepers.
  • Memory foam pillows are also important to consider when searching for the perfect pillow. Our white Memory foam pillow moulds to the shape of your sleeping position, providing a comfortable, supportive sleep pillow that matches your body’s sleeping conditions. Our memory foam pillow is hypo-allergenic and also easy to care for with its removable Tencel cover.


The best place to buy pillows South Africa


The best place to buy sleep pillows in South Africa, is Volpes. At Volpes, we stock a wide range of both natural pillow fills and synthetic pillow fills. Our white, sleep pillow ranges from soft pillows, medium pillows to firm pillows, so you're sure to find an option to suit your sleeping style. Our comfortable pillows also come in a range of sizes, such as standard pillows, king size pillows, emperor pillows, continental size pillows and body pillows. For an even sounder sleep, explore our selection of pillow protectors in waterproof protector, bamboo protector and microfibre protector, available in standard pillow protector, king pillow protector, emperor pillow protector , continental pillow protector and body pillow protector sizes. So, next time you ask yourself “which pillows are best for sleep” shop our incredible range of pillows online or visit a Volpes store near you.