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Are you protecting your pillow with a pillow protector? If not, you should be! A pillowcase protector can make your pillow last longer, is comfortable and creates a healthier sleep environment. Here's what you need to know about pillow protectors.

What is a pillow protector?

A pillow protector is like a thick pillowcase with a zipper closing. This protective cover forms a barrier against the dirt, dust and oils that could get into your pillow and is easy to remove and wash separately. At Volpes, our pillow protectors are not only to protect your pillow and ensure the longevity of your investments but creates an extra layer of comfort to rest your head on at night.

Why should you invest in a pillow protector?

Using a pillow protector keeps all the nasties out of your pillow, which will help to reduce allergies and skin irritation. It helps to reduce wear and tear on your pillow. An unprotected pillow can fade, tear, and lose its fluffiness. A build-up of oils inside the pillow will reduce the comfort of the pillow. You can also get a waterproof pillow protector, which will stop spills affecting your pillow and help preserve your pillow.

Which pillow protectors are best?

High-quality pillow protectors are made from fabrics like 100% cotton but will also include a waterproof inner layer to protect your pillow from spills, stains and liquids. Some offer thermal regulation, preventing you from getting too hot during the night. Volpes offers bamboo (thermoregulated and waterproof) and quilted options, which provide added comfort and protection against dirt and stains.

Our pillow protectors are machine washable, and ideally, buy two so that you can be using one while the other is in the wash. It is important to remember that a pillow protector will not replace your pillowcase but will be added as a first layer to protecting your pillow before adding your pillowcase. 

Where can I buy pillow protectors?

Volpes stocks a wide range of pillow protectors designed to keep your pillow at its best for longer. Match them with one of our high-quality pillows, and ensure you get a better night's sleep tonight. Browse our range of pillow protectors for sale online or visit a Volpes store near you.