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Fitted Sheets


What is a fitted sheet?

While sheets are simply rectangular sheets of fabric, a fitted bed sheet has elasticated corners. The elasticated hem around it helps the sheet fit over the mattress so that it cannot ride up and come loose while you are sleeping. With the help of this useful piece of bedroom linen, you will never wake up in an uncomfortable tangle of bedding.

Where can I buy fitted bed sheets near me?

Volpes stocks a wide range of fitted sheets and bedding. You'll find everything from duvet covers and blankets to fitted  sheets in our stores. Browse our range online or visit a Volpes store near you. 

Which fitted sheets are best for you?

Here are some things to consider when buying fitted sheets:

Cotton is a great option

Cotton is always a great option for sheeting. It's soft, comfortable and breathable. Egyptian cotton sheeting is a premium choice that's softer and more durable than ordinary Cotton. A cotton and polyester blend or a polycotton blend is another option. This fabric is not as soft as Cotton; however, the addition of polyester to the mix makes the fabric less expensive, more durable and less likely to wrinkle. Polycotton is a great choice for young single people because it is an affordable, hassle-free option.

Look at the thread count

Thread count can help indicate how durable and comfortable the fabric will be. Ideally, look for sheets with a 200-thread count and above. Good quality fitted sheets have a thread count of 200 or more.

Be sure to check the size of your bed

While your mattress is probably a standard size – single, double, queen or king – it might be an extra-length mattress or an extra depth mattress, or both. This means your mattress is longer or fatter than usual. In this case, extra length and extra depth fitted sheets are available.

Pick a colour

Fitted sheets come in a range of colours. You may find sheets in dark blues, navies, blacks and greys, as well as lighter sheets in creams, whites and beiges. You'll even find bright colours like yellows, pinks and light blues. Most people choose to match their fitted sheets with the other sheets on their bed and their duvet cover set or comforter set colour. You may not be able to see much of it once a comforter or duvet covers it, but part of it is still visible, so you don't want to choose one in clashing colours to the rest of your bedding. A neutral selection is always a good option, with classic white topping the list of practical sheeting choices.