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  1. Cotton Blanket Eggshell
    Cotton Blanket Eggshell
  2. Spence Duvet Cover Set Orchid
    Spence Duvet Cover Set Orchid
  3. Katya Blanket Grey
    Katya Blanket Grey
  4. Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet Linear
    Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet Linear
  5. Brushed Cotton Flat Sheet Linear
    Brushed Cotton Flat Sheet Linear
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Long, chilly nights and freezing cold temperatures are the perfect excuse to snuggle down and get cosy. Create the perfect bed this winter that you just won’t want to get out of.   

A warm and inviting bedroom is essential for a good nights sleep. A luxurious bed with loads of cosy layers will not only keep you warm but will also add dimension, texture and style.

Always start with the basics. Quilted mattress protectors are a great option to create a layer of warmth beneath you, especially if you’re not a fan of electric blankets. Your next essential is choosing the correct duvet inner.  Perfect winter solutions include our luxury and premium microfibre and natural feather or goose down options.

Choose brushed cotton winter sheets for added warmth. The soft napped surface traps in the air and creates an insulated effect that will keep you cosy all night long. Our winter sheets (also known as flannel in some places) are all 100% brushed cotton and you can choose from five timeless colours that will easily coordinate with your Volpes winter or summer duvet cover designs. This year we have also introduced printed linear and script design sheets that will give your bed a trendy look and feel.

Last but not least, choose your duvet cover set, there’s even stylish brushed cotton winter options in stripes, florals and modern damasks that will all mix and match with your winter sheets. 

Finally, finish off your look with a beautiful fluffy blanket or throw.